HTML files path

The DocumentRoot path when you start the web server can be either relative of absolute. If this path is absolute, packaging will not change the path. However, if the path is relative, this folder must be located in the content folder of the packaged project.

For instance, if your packaged project has the name TESTPROJECT, the html files folder must be in PackagedProjectPath/TESTPROJECT/Content/ folder.

Contact your web server from another device

Once developments done, you certainly want to access to your web server from another device (smartphone, tablet, etc…).

First, you need to find your computer (running the UE game) IP address. Then you need to open computer firewall. Finally you can access to your web server using : http://computerIP:UWSPort/

You can get more informations on these websites :

Accessing Websites on a Local Network (LAN) Web Server

How To Access A Local Website (localhost) from Internet with Port Forwarding

REST Powerfulness

Another big advantage of the REST protocol is its easy implementation in many high-level programming languages.

You don’t necessary need to use a Web Browser to make requests to your Unreal game. You can also make your own software communicate with UWS.

Many tutorials explains how to send REST requests in your prefered language :

REST calls in most common languages


Average response time

The following performances have been reported in local: web browser and UWS were on the same computer.

The average time between the client URL request and the server computation is about 3.5ms.

The average time between the response submission and the client reception is about 2.5ms.

The rest of the time is the time needed by Unreal to compute the callback function.

With simple functions, such as sending back a variable, you can easily reach below 5ms to receive a response.

Of course, if the web browser is on another computer, the network lag will be added to these values