Outputs value from a source module onto a terrace-forming curve.

This noise module maps the output value from the source module onto a terrace-forming curve. The start of this curve has a slope of zero; its slope then smoothly increases. This curve also contains control points which resets the slope to zero at that point, producing a “terracing” effect.

The terrace modifier needs at least 2 control points. If this condition isn’t met, 3 control points with values -1, 0 and 1 are automatically set.

Control points

You can use the Generate control points function to generate X equidistant control points between the [-1;1] range.

For instance, if you generate 21 controls points, the return values are : [-1;-0.9;-0.8;-0.7;-0.6;-0.5;-0.4;-0.3;-0.2;-0.1;0;0.1;0.2;0.3;0.4;0.5;0.6;0.7;0.8;0.9;1]  

Node inputs/outputs

The module’s constructor needs:

The output value is a Generation Module


A Perlin noise terraced using [-1;0;1] controls points. 

A Perlin noise terraced (inversion enabled) using [-1;0;1] controls points. 

A Sine noise terraced using [-1;0;1] controls points.