Email Sender for Unreal

Using the Email Sender for Unreal is quite straightforward, it can be done in three simple steps:

The initialization is done with the EmailSenderInitialize node. This must be called only once before any other call to the EmailSender functions:

Then an email must be created:

It takes only two parameters:

The return value is an Email object that you will edit using the Email Sender functions (to add recipients, a body, etc.)

To add a recipient, the following EmailSenderAddTo node must be called:

With the Email between the email of the recipients. Similar functions exists to add a CC recipient or a BCC recipient.

Then, it's time to write the content of the email using the EmailSenderSetBody node:

With Body being the content of the email. This field is a string, it can contain HTML code if required.

Once the email is set-up, it's possible to send it using either EmailSenderSend or EmailSenderSendSecure (recommended):

With the following parameters:

The return value is the eventual error message, if there was an error while sending the email.