Magic Window

Magic Window

The Magic Window is a plugin offering you a new way to control the in-game camera. Designed for Android and iOS, your device becomes a window to the virtual world.

If you move your device to the left, you will look to the left of your scene, if you move it to the right, you will look to the right of your scene through your smartphone or tablet.

Moreover, if you are using Android, the Magic Window is able to use the compass of your device, to get aligned with real world objects.


Everything has been thought to make it easy to use. First, an example map MagicWindowTestMap is provided with the plugin so you are ready-to-go.

Open the test map and run it on your device, and you will be able to test the magic window.

The key point of this test map is the BP_MagicWindowPawn which handles all the logic to use the magic window. If you want to provide the Magic Window control to a user in a scene, you just have to possess this pawn.


Some parameters are provided by the BP_MagicWindowPawn:

These parameters allow you to adjust the calibration of the pawn using the compass.

If Enable Calibration is activated, the pawn will regularly check the orientation of the device using the compass, and it will consequently adjust the orientation of the in-game camera.

The Calibration Period parameter details how often this calibration must occur (in seconds). Indeed, the calibration may cause the camera to rotate, so it must not be performed too frequently. On the other way, it must be performed regularly because there is a drift of the calibration. A good value to overcome the drift without having too much calibration is 30 seconds.