This module randomly displaces the input value before returning the output value from a source module.

Actually, the turbulence modifier uses 3 perlin noises to modify the input module along each axis.

The parameters of the turbulence modifier are the parameters of the 3 perlin noises.

The use of this noise module may require some trial and error. Assuming that you are using a generator module as the source module, you should first:

From these initial frequency and power values, modify these values until this noise module produces the desired changes in your terrain or texture. For example:

Output ranges are not modified by this module.

Node inputs/outputs

The module constructor needs:

The output value is a Generation Module


In all examples, input module is a Checkerboard with frequency of 5.

Frequency evolution

Frequency = 0.5

Frequency = 1

Frequency = 3

Power evolution

Power = 0.5

Power = 1

Power = 5