Creating our first material

Introduction to the Texture2DGenerator asset

The Material generator plugin allows you to create a new type of asset : Texture2DGenerator in Blueprint section.

This asset is our generator. Like blueprints, we will edit it and add blueprint nodes. 

Edit this empty asset by double-clicking on it or right-click>Edit Texture2DGenerator 

This blueprint-like asset always contains only one event: OnRunTexture2DGenerator

Add functions linked to this event to create our material generation code. 

Also check class default variables which contains

Creating a material

In order to create our first material, just add a single noise and link it to a GenerateMaterial node such as GenerateFlatMaterial.

On GenerateMaterial nodes, only the DiffuseMapModule is compulsory. If other modules are empty, they are automatically determined using the DiffuseMapModule. 

Now, we can run the generation by right-clicking on the asset>Run Texture2DGenerator. 

At the end of the execution, the material and its maps are generated. You can set the material to a mesh to preview changes. 

If you edit the generated material: 

And you can use the material instance to tweak parameters: